House Democrats have worked incredibly hard this week to prepare a solid health care reform bill to bring to the floor. After receiving the backing of AARP and the American Medical Association, the bill has also been endorsed by President Obama and is expected to come to a vote on Saturday evening.

Now is the time to make a final call to your representative and, if you live in the districts of Reps. Blumenauer (202-225-4811), Wu (202-225-0855) or DeFazio (202-225-6416), thank him for his ongoing support of this reform and encourage his Yes vote tomorrow.

Rep. Kurt Schrader (OR-5)

URGENT: If you live in Rep. Schrader’s district, please call and urge him to vote Yes on this bill to control costs, increase competition and better serve small businesses. Rep. Schrader was a small business owner in his private sector career, and you are perhaps the most important voice in getting him to vote for the bill. He has indicated his intent to vote against it, but we believe that small business will be the push to get him there by tomorrow.

Representative Schrader’s D.C. office: 202-225-5711
Oregon City: 503-557-1324
Salem: 503-588-9100