The Oregon Small Business Council has received grant funding to hire two part-time, temporary paid interns to assist in building our base and reaching out to small business owners. Details about the grant and internship are below.

2009 Main Street Allaince Winter Basebuilding Internship Program

Summary: The Fall Basebuilding Internship program will provide an opportunity for MSA partners to bring on canvassing interns to conduct outreach and build a base for expanding the small business organizing agenda to other national issues after health care, including financial regulatory reform and climate/energy issues.

Timeframe: December 14, 2009 – January 29, 2010 (6 week commitment)

Requirements: The interns hired for small business canvassing will need to be experienced organizers and have the ability to meet measurable outcomes weekly.  In addition they should have the ability to work independently, engage small business owners & complete weekly reports and work plans. This internship will pay $1,500 per intern.  We expect to hire two for this project.


  • Survey collection: Collect 150-200 issue-based surveys from small business owners. (50 hours)
  • Petition signers: Collect signatures from 100 small business owners on each of two new issue petitions, one on energy/climate change and the other on financial reform. (50 hours)
  • Story collection: Collect 20 issue-targeted statements (100-150 words) and/or video clips from small business owners on priority issues. (20 hours)
  • LTEs and op-eds: Submit 20 LTEs (100-150 words) and 3 op-eds (500-600 words) with supportive business owners. (25 hours)
  • Spokesperson team: Conduct one-on-ones with 20 business owners and build a list of 5-7 small business owners for each issue who are on message and willing to serve as spokespeople to decision-makers, the media and the public. (20 hours)
  • Action steps: Generate rapid response calls or other action steps mobilizing small business owners to contact decision-makers. (20 hours)
  • Meetings with decision-makers: Recruit and prep small business spokespeople for delegation visits with Congressional offices and/or secondary targets as needed. (15 hours

Planning & Reporting:

  • The Main Street Alliance will provide a planning form for the host organization to use to outline an outreach plan for the interns. This plan will include new canvass-based outreach and may also include follow-up contacts using existing lists.
  • The interns will submit weekly workplans and weekly reports at the end of each week using forms provided by MSA.
  • The interns and their supervisor will complete an interim progress report at the midpoint of the internship and a final evaluation upon completion of the project.

To apply, send resume and cover letter to Oregon Action Executive Director Jo Ann Bowman at no later than 5:00 p.m. Thursday, December 10.