The Oregon Small Business Council is a statewide coalition of small business owners working to build a stronger and more sustainable economy. By supporting legislation that helps grow our small business economy, providing tools for successful entrepreneurship and offering education and networking opportunities, we seek to build a better future for Oregon.

From realtors to retailers and veterinarians to family farms, small business owners have different needs and ideals than large corporations. While other business advocacy organizations exist, only the Oregon Small Business Council stands up for the little guy.

Major corporations have large lobbying operations and extensive research and education arms, and small businesses have not been afforded the same opportunities to maintain a seat at the decision-making table. While lobbyists and out-of-state corporations fight for what they want, the Oregon Small Business Council works to build a brighter future and a stronger economy for all of us.

In 2009, the Oregon Small Business Council worked tirelessly to pass groundbreaking health care reform in Congress. Through meetings with members of Oregon’s congressional delegation, writing letters and making phone calls, educating other small business owners and sharing stories about the costs of health insurance, the organization emerged as a resource and advocate for health care reform that works for small business owners.

As we broaden our focus to work on a variety of issues in 2010, we want to involve your small business and hear your ideas, needs and stories. We will also be hosting educational opportunities and networking events around the state. If you are interested in serving on the board of directors or a policy issue committee, or if your business is able to host a networking event, please contact us at masoregon[at] or 971.634.0010.