Our Values:

  • Trust & Transparency: Successful small businesses are built on the trust of our customers, where a handshake is a commitment. We advocate full transparency in our relationships with government.
  • Inclusion & Equity: Small businesses succeed when communities thrive, and thriving communities are built on the values of inclusion and equity – where everyone is welcome, everyone is invited to contribute and everyone has the opportunity to succeed.
  • Leadership: If small business owners don’t speak up, who will represent us? We speak for ourselves, so that the true voice of small business will be heard. Small business owners need to be an integral part of the decisions that impact us.
  • Sustainability: We build our businesses and communities not merely for short-term gain, but for the long haul. We recognize sound public policy as an investment that benefits our communities and businesses over time.
  • Accountability: We work hard, our employees work hard and we make direct contributions to our communities (paying taxes) with the expectation that our contributions will be spent wisely. We promote fiscally responsible government that uses revenues to advance practical solutions to everyday problems.
  • Shared Responsibility: We recognize the role of small businesses as part of the fabric of communities and we’re committed to giving back to our communities. We believe everyone needs to contribute their fair share.

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